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Looking for the Ideal Pots and Planters?

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Looking for the Ideal Pots and Planters?

Choose Wentworth Falls Pots!

Planning a garden makeover in Sydney or keen on adding a striking water feature to your space? Maybe you’ve been adding to your indoor and outdoor plant collection and need the perfect pots and planters? Your search ends at Wentworth Falls Pots!

We are Sydney’s premier destination for a diverse large range of pots for sale. From large outdoor planter pots to cheap pots for plants, our comprehensive selection promises quality and variety. Whether you desire large outdoor plant pots, fibreglass statues, garden sculptures, planter boxes, or captivating garden water fountains, we offer it all.

With over 10,000 distinctive pots and planters in various colours, shapes, and finishes, we cater to every style and setting.

Dive into our online collection or get in touch with our dedicated team for more insights.

Crafting a mesmerising outdoor space is an art. With the right pots and planters, every shrub, flower, or tree can shine even brighter.

At Wentworth Falls Pots, our extensive inventory surpasses 10,000, including statues and garden accessories.

Discover our collection of terracotta pots, glazed pots, Stonelite Fibreglass Reinforced Pots (GRC), and budget-friendly cheap pots for plants. Each piece in our collection is unique, ensuring every garden enthusiast finds something that resonates with their style and preferences.

In Search of Elegance and Durability? Meet StoneLite

Our Stonelite Fibreglass Reinforced Pots (GRC) Large Range seamlessly blends the timeless appeal of natural aesthetics with the robust durability of Glassfibre Reinforced Construction (GRC).

For garden enthusiasts who often find themselves asking, “Can beauty stand the test of time?”, our Stonelite Fibreglass Reinforced Pots (GRC) are the answer. Handcrafted with precision, they not only elevate the charm of your space but promise longevity.

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Conveniently Located & Delivering Nationwide

Strategically located just a 40-minute drive from Penrith on Sydney’s western fringe, Wentworth Falls Pots offers a treasure trove of pots and planters.

For those exploring online, we facilitate convenient delivery across Australia, covering major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Canberra.

Wholesale Pots

Interested in bulk purchases? We are open to wholesaler, distributor, and reseller enquiries for our premium large range of pots and planters.

Don’t wait! Elevate the beauty of your garden with the finest pots and planters from Wentworth Falls Pots. Browse our selection or contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a diverse large range of pots to cater to every gardener’s needs, from StoneLite GRC Pots, Lightweight Terrazzo, Atlantis Pots, Thai Limestone, Glaze Pots, to Terracotta pots, GRC Indoor pots, and more.

Each large range has been carefully curated to provide quality and aesthetic appeal.

Our StoneLite Pots large range stands out for its unique blend of elegance and durability.

These pots combine the visual appeal of natural stone with the strength of Glassfibre Reinforced Construction (GRC) whilst remaining lightweight, making each piece both a functional and artistic addition to any garden.

GRC Rusted Pots combine the durability of Glassfibre Reinforced Construction (GRC) with a distinct rusted appearance. They’re perfect for those seeking a more rustic, aged look for their garden spaces.

Yes, our GRC Indoor pots are designed specifically for indoor environments. They are lightweight, stylish, and versatile, making them a perfect addition to any indoor space.

Absolutely! Our Water Fountains collection is available for browsing on our website. These pieces can elevate the serenity and beauty of any garden or outdoor space.

Our Terracotta pots are crafted using authentic clay, baked at high temperatures. This not only gives them their distinct reddish-brown colour but also ensures they are durable and breathable for plants.

Of course! Our Garden Furniture large range has been selected to complement our pots. Whether you’re looking for seating solutions or decorative pieces, we have something to harmonise with your chosen pots and overall garden theme.

Oak Wine Barrels are versatile and can be used as planters for a rustic garden look or even as water features. Their authentic appearance can add character to any garden setting.

The care largely depends on the type of pot you purchase. Most of our pots are designed for durability and minimal maintenance.

Detailed care instructions are provided with each purchase. For a comprehensive guide on pot maintenance, you can visit our Pots Maintenance Plan.

Additionally, our team is always available for any specific queries you might have.