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This 100cm x 50cm x 70cm Vegepod is perfect for small gardens, patios, or balconies in urban settings like Melbourne or Brisbane.

Grow herbs and leafy greens with ease.


Our 100cm x 100cm x 70cm Vegepod Medium fits well in suburban yards or spacious city terraces.

It’s ideal for a variety of plants, from herbs to vegetables, offering an efficient gardening solution.

With its combination of size, ease of use, and protective features, the Vegepod Medium is a fantastic choice for urban gardeners and enthusiasts in Australia.

Measuring 200cm x 100cm x 70cm, the Vegepod Large is suited for expansive gardens in places like Sydney and Adelaide.

Grow a diverse range of plants, from vegetables to flowers.

This Vegepod is perfect for those looking to expand their gardening scope.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Vegepod is an innovative gardening solution, comprising a raised garden bed equipped with a self-watering system and a protective mesh cover.

It’s designed to facilitate easy and efficient gardening, offering benefits like pest control, improved plant growth, and water efficiency.

Vegepods are ideal for gardeners seeking a low-maintenance, high-yield gardening solution. They protect plants from pests, regulate water usage, and can be placed in various settings, from small balconies to spacious backyards.

Absolutely! Vegepods are available in different sizes, including a compact option that fits perfectly on balconies or in limited outdoor spaces.

Their design maximises gardening potential in minimal space.

Vegepods are versatile enough to support a wide range of plants, from herbs and leafy greens to flowers and small vegetables.

The controlled environment they provide is conducive to healthy plant growth.

The Vegepod’s self-watering system features a wicking bed design, which uses a built-in water reservoir to consistently supply moisture to the soil, ensuring plants receive water as needed with minimal wastage.

Yes, Vegepods are designed for simplicity and convenience. They can be assembled easily and placed on various surfaces.

Optional stands are also available for elevated gardening, enhancing accessibility.

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