Let’s Talk Light Weight

As our lifestyle changes from big parcels of land to small amounts of property and sometimes even smaller living spaces, pots are a fantastic way to incorporate life into our homes.

One of the latest styles we are seeing today in pots is they can now be purchased in lightweight forms, in a variety of styles to suit our homes, and the best part is they do not have to look like they are made of cheap plastic. The lightweight pot is especially versatile for those living in apartment style housing.  These pots are mostly made from fiberglass and are extremely durable.

Contemporary style pots are trending right now and can be seen in the latest fashionable colors such as Black, White, Charcoal, Urban Concrete and Limestone. These pots are styling a variety of shapes and sizes from the sharp lines of a tall tapered square often seen at entrance fronts of houses, to the very popular cylinder style pot, that is resonating with designers whose clients are seeking the right pot to complete the industrial look of their homes.

What is fiberglass?

Fiberglass is a plastic that has been reinforced with glass fibre, giving the finished product incredible strength, while remaining lightweight. It is used to make an enormous variety of products including surfboards, hot tubs, roofing, pipes, cladding, and lightweight pots.

Lightweight Terrazzo and Stonelite

Lightweight Terrazzo is a lightweight composite of marble, quartz, granite, glass, and other suitable chips. This is poured into a binding material and the whole mixture is cured, ground and polished to produce a uniform product. This is then used in a range of items including flooring, panels for walls and patios, and garden pots.


Stonelite is manufactured using a fiber-glass-clay composite using high grade raw materials, at eight times the strength of concrete but only a third of the weight.


Why not check out lightweight options next time you looking for pots because let’s face it in a society when we are so busy day in day out, coming home to relax and having a beautiful piece of pottery with life inside could just be the breath of fresh air we need at the end of long day.











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