We offer the best prices for natural and polished pebbles Sydney wide! Pebbles are a great way to brighten up your landscaping without using mulch. Although coloured mulch can add a freshness to your garden, it can fade within a matter of weeks, leaving your garden dull and old looking. Natural or polished pebbles retain their colour and are a fantastic way to add a splash of colour and brightness to your pots and garden

Our stones are available in four colours:

- Black

- Quartz white

- Mixed

- Red

Choose a black variety to add a modern look to your stunning, large terracotta pot and bright green succulents, or add some mixed rocks to your smaller pots to add a splash of colour. Using pebbles offers you with a great way to add colours and match them to your chosen pots and feature walls.





Best price in town

10kg for $12

or 10 or more bags at $10ea

Water Features

As well as being a great way to complement your landscaping, pebbles can add an extra element to your pots and water features. Enjoy the sounds and beauty of water gently rushing across a wall of red river rocks or simply cover the unsightly drainage grate at the base of your feature with large quartz white varieties. Whatever your needs, we have the best prices and styles of pebbles available Sydney wide!

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