Bullet Planter


Pots that contain a rust finish do have the potential to leach rust onto the surface below the pot as is the case with all rust surfaces.

Products exist that can offer the ability to seal the outside of the pot such as PORTERS RUST SEALER, but this would need to be applied by the customer.

Dimensions (cm, Dia × H) Weight (kg, approx.) Volume (L, approx.) Rust Price Spray Prices with Dulux®
32 × 62 cm 4 55 $89.95 $149.95
42 × 77 cm 10 122 $189.95 $269.95
54 × 100 cm 22 230 $299.95 $399.95

As-manufactured colours: Rust

Our spray with Dulux® is available in the following colours: White-on-White, Concrete, Monument, Charcoal, or Night Sky (black). We can also spray any other colour in the Australian Dulux colour range or the Colorbond colour range, for a $30/pot surcharge (see Dulux custom spray prices above and add $30).

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